Abyssinia Springs

Abyssinia water

Abyssinia Springs, natural spring water pumped out from a well protected deep well at the foot of Entoto Mountain and bottled at the source, is one of the leading bottled waters in the country. It is probably the best in its taste and the first in wide geographic area coverage. It contributes 44% to the total earning.

Started work in March 2004, currently produces 15,000,000 litres per annum in three different sized bottles. The natural light taste and the state of the art treatment through which the water passes, in addition to its source has given it preference among a dozen of bottled waters produced locally.
  In order to fulfil customer’s ever increasing need and quest for its bottled water, Great Abyssinia  established a new modern factory in Sululta in 2009 and  has started water production in compound on a 55,000m2  obtained by lease from the region.  The factory rests on more than 10,000 m2 including all facilities.  

Currently the new factory has four lines and another hot filling line for juice is under process. When the factory starts producing Juices, soft drinks and bottled water in full capacity the daily production will be more than 400,000bottles per day in 500ml bottle. This brings the company, in terms of bottled water to be the biggest water producer in the country.