Great Abyssinia traces its roots from a small sole proprietorship founded in the early nineties in Ethiopia, then called Abyssinia Tea and Coffee Enterprise, with a single purpose of adding value to the finest Ethiopian coffee and catering exclusively to the domestic market. It had a humble beginning which largely banked on 10,000 birr initial investment capital, an old and rundown machine, ten employees and sheer devotion and love for Ethiopian coffee.


    The company started by roasting, grounding and packaging Arabica Coffee relying exclusively on local market. Eventually, strategic leadership and diligent employees of the company were rewarded with increased market share and expanding customer base ushering the company into a new era of progress.


    What could be considered as a milestone in the growth of Great Abyssinia came in 2003 when the brothers decided to reorganize the company as private limited company with paid up capital amounting to 4.5 million birr subscribed in cash and item.


    Worthy of its name, the Great Abyssinia, the company was reestablished redirecting its focus more on diversification that included but not limited to fast-moving consumer goods.

Coffee Abyssinia

Great Abyssinia P.L.C. has its roots back to the early nineties when it was established as a sole proprietorship with an initial capital of Birr 10,000 with 10 emmployees by roasting, grounding and packing Arabica coffee using an old & dilapidated machine for exclusive domestic market consumption. In 2003 The enterprise has been reorganized as a private limited company with a capital of Birr 4.5 million fully subscribed in and also renamed as Great Abyssinia P.L.C. to associate it to the glory of the ancient Abyssinia. In 2014 Abyssinia coffee opened its first flagship store in it newly built building around bole medhanialem with three other store to open soon. Whether customers in your area tend to zoom in for a quick cup to go, or like to hang out and soak up the atmosphere, our store environments designed to suit your life style.

Abyssinia Spring

Abyssinia Springs is the first product line that was launched by the GA group after Abyssinia coffee. It is another line that is carrying forward the Great Abyssinian tradition of marketing a product that is the best and only the best. Distilled from a divine Ethiopian natural spring, Abyssinia Springs has already managed to become one of leaders in the local bottled water market.


Under the carbonated soft drink production line is the pride and Joy of Great Abyssinia—theAby Splash. Launched in December, 2015, Aby Splash comes in six different flavors: Coffee Cola, Orange, Pineapple Malt, Passion Fruit Orange, Apple and Lemon Fresh.Coffee Cola was first CSD line to come out of Great Abyssinia  as a signature product line and was later included within the Aby Splash brand umbrella.

Prigat Juice Drink

The juice drink product line is another important venture that Great Abyssinia has with GAT Foods.Under the brand name PRIGAT Juice, Great Abyssinia produces and distributes delicious juice drink beverage products to the market,Currently, the Mango flavored bottled PRIGAT is undoubtedly number one in market share in Ethiopia. In 2016 Great Abyssinia introduced the first of its kind aseptic processing and packaging methods in its PRIGAT Juice product line.

Tulip Tissue

Tulip tissue paper is another fast moving consumer product which is produced and marketed by the Great Abyssinia P.L.C. Tulip is a high-quality, smooth-surface, ply tissue paper that is gaining traction in Local market.Currently, the Tulip brand hits the markets via four different yet closely related products: Pocket Tissue, Table Napkins, Regular Napkins, Roll Tissue (Toilet Tissue).Recently, the tissue product line has finalized its preparation to launch another product under the Tulip brand namely high-quality paper towel (red in color).

Noah Realestate

Noah Real Estate PLC. was established in 2013 and have since delivered 2 residential and 2 commercial projects, with additional 4 residential, 1 commercial and another hotel project in partnership with Best Western under development.Noah is a highly esteemed company with a strong financial foundation and state-of-the-art design innovation. This combination enables us to construct powerful visions and has the potential to evoke an immediate desire to tour the interior.Noah is a sister company of Great Abyssinia PLC, a renowned FMCG company with brands you love, such as Abyssinia Coffe, Prigat, Tulip, Aby soda drinks with various flavors and in a recent prestigious deal also partnered up with Nestlé in water bottling, continuation of the Abyssinia Springs brand.

Abyssinia Plaza

is one of the priding achievements of Noah Real-Estate. Positioned in one of the prime location of the city, beside Bole Medhanialem church, the 12-Storey building has two elevators, sufficient parking space, power backup generator and broadband internet services